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How can I lay out my kitchen properly to consume less energy?

Your kitchen is a space where all the energies are concentrated: light, heat, movement and your creativity!

You are constantly moving from one kitchen component to another. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, it is essential to design an ergonomic layout to make your task easier. Greater efficiency means good, fast cooking, less energy consumption and fewer risks of accident. 

Follow our advice to turn your kitchen into a practical and pleasant space.

Fridge-hob-sink triangle

The three places you visit most in your kitchen are:

  • the fridge
  • the hob
  • the sink

Ideally they should form a triangle rather than a straight line. You will then move around less and minimise the risks of burning, for example.
Ideally, fit work surfaces between these three key locations.

Think it through by zone

Group the components into zones:

  • cooking zone: with the oven, hob, hood and microwave
  • wet zone: with the sink, draining board, dishwasher, water heater and dirty dishes
  • storage zone: with the shelving, cabinets, fridge and freezer
  • work zone: with the work surfaces and domestic appliances that must remain within reach

Make sure the oven and fridge are well away from each other. The heat from the oven will raise the fridge consumption if they are too close together.
In addition, sink and electrical sockets are not a happy mix. Watch out for short-circuits and risks of electrocution!

A kitchen designed for you

Beyond this advice, make sure the zones are arranged to suit your own needs.
Are you right-handed?

  • Ideally place the wet zone on the left
  • the cooking zone on the right
  • with a work surface between the two.

The reverse applies if you are left-handed!

Going further

A well-laid-out kitchen is a good start, but you can go even further! When laying out or renovating your kitchen, make sure you also think carefully about the lighting and choose your domestic appliances for this room with care .

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