All about energy in Brussels. A Sibelga initiative
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About us

You can find all kinds of energy information and tips on the Internet. But what if you have a specific question? Can you be sure your information is correct and reliable?

At such times, you can’t see the wood for the trees. This is why we created – a total concept comprising a website, a magazine and a newsletter about energy in Brussels.

A Sibelga initiative

“We” are Sibelga, a gas and electricity distribution system operator in the Brussels Region. Our company employs 1,000 staff to supply your homes with gas and electricity. We also have a team of specialists to keep us up to date with the most cutting-edge technology, from solar panels through heat pumps and passive building to smart meters. All this in-house expertise is available to you on request, to help you navigate the labyrinth of energy information.

All you ever wanted to know about energy – from a reliable, neutral source

How? We answer your questions after considering them from a technical, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly perspective. Brussels energy at its best! We supply concrete, practical information – clear, detailed, guaranteed free of jargon and advertising. As a non-commercial utility company, we have nothing to offer other than free practical advice.

Stay connected! keeps abreast of all the latest information. Read the magazine, visit the website, register for the newsletter and, as a citizen of Brussels, keep up with everything you ever need to know about energy.

The team

Sofie Brouw and Stéphanie Migeot work for the Communication department of Sibelga.

They coordinate the magazine, website and newsletter and select hot topics for Our team of experts, true professionals each and every one, writes the texts and checks that their content is correct.