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How to save a lot of energy at home in a simple way?

Single or as a family, it doesn't matter. Those who are suddenly much more at home, like now during the corona crisis, also consume more energy. Here are five saving tips that you can easily apply and which will immediately have an impact on your energy bill.

1. Make a list of lamps to be replaced

LED lighting consumes up to 80% less electricity than a classic lamp and lasts about 50 times longer. It’s about time to find out whether there are still old halogen or incandescent lamps in the house. Need extra motivation? Per LED lamp you save an average of EUR 12 a year on your invoice.

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2. De-ice the freezer

An ice layer of just 2 mm in the freezer compartment immediately increases the energy consumption of your fridge by 10%. Definitely worth defrosting the freezer!

How to defrost the freezer?

  • Turn off the refrigerator. With most refrigerators you do this by simply unplugging.
  • Empty both the cooling compartment and the freezer compartment. Use cool boxes and bags to store your food.
  • Place a container with boiling water on a sponge cloth at the bottom of the freezer and close the door.
  • Leave for 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Occasionally open the freezer or freezer compartment to remove the ice.
  • Turn the fridge back on. Do not put your food back in until it's at the right temperature.

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3. Try batch cooking

Are the kids bored? No better time than now to turn them on and help them prepare a number of meals at the same time. Prepare large quantities and freeze portions for the next few weeks. Batch cooking, also known as Sunday cooking: a food trend that is guaranteed to save you time and energy.

Attention: do not forget to cover pots with a lid to reduce cooking time!

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4. Plan washes better

Washer and dryer are two energy guzzlers. In the household, everything has to go fast. We are often stuck to certain habits without questioning them. By simply washing efficiently and planning our washing time better, your energy consumption will be significantly reduced. Sure do!

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5. Go for power strips with a switch

No more bickering about who can plug in his phone's charger. Whatever you do, always choose power strips with an off switch, so you can switch everything on and off quickly. A handy way to avoid leaking electricity!

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