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Which energy suppliers serve household customers in Brussels?

Around 30 electricity suppliers and 29 gas suppliers (link in French) currently have a permit to sell energy to the people of Brussels. In principle, this permit implies an obligation to offer all categories of consumers a reasonable price range.

We note, however, that in Brussels there are only 7 energy suppliers who focus on household customers (private individuals):

Name Website
Bolt Energie
EDF Luminus
Engie Electrabel
Energie 2030

The complete list of energy suppliers (link in French) is updated by Brugel, the Brussels institute that monitors the market and issues supply permits.

Supplying energy in Brussels = obeying rules

Since the liberalisation of the energy market, various suppliers can offer energy. To be able to do this in Brussels, they first have to obtain authorisation from Brugel, the Brussels regional regulator (website in French). In return for this permit to supply energy, they undertake to abide by the following legal provisions:

  • to make an offer to every Brussels customer who so requests;
  • to apply clear and transparent rates so that suppliers can be compared with one another;
  • to propose a contract for at least three years, which the customer can terminate at any time (subject to a period of notice of two months) without incurring a penalty;
  • to provide customer services and a complaints department;
  • to open a reception office as soon as they have more than 10,000 customers.

In theory... and in practice

Officially, about 30 suppliers have a permit to supply electricity and about 29 to supply gas. In practice, only a limited number of them actually offer contracts to household customers, including Luminus, Engie-Electrabel, Energie 2030, Lampiris, Mega, Octa+ and Poweo.

In addition, there is a social supplier for those people in Brussels who have been given “protected customer” (link in French) or “winter customer” status. Sibelga undertakes to provide energy at the social rate.

Other measures to protect customers

In addition to the supply permit, an agreement has also been concluded between the federal government and the suppliers setting out the trading practices of the suppliers. This agreement, which is entitled “The consumer in the liberalised electricity and gas market” (document in French), covers the following aspects:

  • price transparency;
  • marketing and selling techniques;
  • contractual terms and conditions;
  • supplier-customer communication;
  • direct debit arrangements;
  • complaints procedure;
  • distance selling.

So you have rights as a consumer! Take the time to read them and check that they are actually observed.

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