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How to save energy while teleworking?

In this lockdown, there are more people teleworking than ever before! Maybe you too have just discovered the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking for the first time...
Here are some useful tips to waste less energy, work in the best possible conditions and keep your energy bills under control.

1. The best way to start the day? Open your windows!

For optimal comfort and a healthy atmosphere, don't forget to regularly ventilate your office and living room by opening the windows for about 20 minutes.
Fresh air removes moisture and also ensures you can heat the space more efficiently afterwards.

2. Check the temperature in your workspace

To create optimal conditions for work, it is recommended that you set your thermostat to 3-4, which corresponds to a temperature of 20-21°C. This is also the best setting for living rooms and children's rooms.

3. Unplug your smartphone and PC chargers when you are done using them

Many devices consume power even when not in use. How can you avoid stand-by consumption?

  • Switch off your electrical appliances completely!
  • Remove the plug from the socket or use a socket with an on/off switch.
  • You could also opt for a stand-by socket with an on/off switch and a timer.

4. Is your work day over? Switch off your computer!

It also needs a rest from time to time. Computers are among the top-5 devices that consume the most in stand-by!

So, it is better to switch it off completely once you have finished your work. This is also a good way to make a distinction between work and family time.

By the way, did you know that a laptop consumes about 70% less energy than a desktop computer? A laptop consumes 55 kWh/year (approx. €10) and a desktop computer 200 kWh/year (approx. €40). So if you can choose, go for the laptop!

5. Oops, have you charged your computer battery?

Avoid unpleasant surprises in case of an unexpected power cut by making sure your laptop and mobile phone batteries are fully charged.

Lockdown: energy distribution remains guaranteed

The coronavirus is dominating headlines right now and the government has taken a number of important security measures to prevent the further spread of the virus. To ensure you can spend this lockdown period as comfortably as possible, your regional distribution system operator will be on hand to intervene in the event of power cuts and suspected gas leaks, and simply to guarantee your energy supply. In compliance with the safety measures in force, of course!

Be sure to take a look at the respective websites:


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Tips on how to save energy!

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