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What energy grants am I entitled to in Brussels in 2021?

In 2021, in Brussels, you can obtain grants for most sustainable investments in your home, commonhold or business premises.

In addition, the Region has introduced an additional grant to support the construction sector, which has been heavily affected by the health crisis. Thanks to this, you can recover up to 70% of the amount invoiced for your works!

For which works can I apply for an energy grant?

The categories of work eligible for grants remain the same as in 2020. Two new features to note:

  1. an extra grant if you replace an oil-fired boiler or an oil or coal stove when you install a new boiler, heat pump or solar water heater;
  2. in the audit category, a new grant for designs produced using the Belgian TOTEM software, which assesses the environmental efficiency of buildings.

A grants: energy audit and designs

The A1 grant covers up to 50% or 70% of the expenses for:

The A2 grant enables households that want to renovate a building that is more than 10 years old to finance up to 50% of a design study produced using the Belgian TOTEM system.

Find out more about energy audit and design grants (in French)

B grants: insulation and ventilation

Energy grants for insulation are only for buildings that are to be renovated. Insulation works are reimbursed between € 20 and € 50/m2, with a grant of € 15/m2 for the use of natural insulation.

They involve:

Find out more about insulation and ventilation (in French)

C grants: heating

In particular, these grants cover:

  • the installation of boilers, hot air generators or high-performance gas air heaters for an amount from € 700 to € 1,200. The first 10 metres of the chimney lining are also covered.
  • control devices (thermostatic valves, thermostats or optimizers): up to € 100
  • the heat pumps for heating: up to € 4,750
  • domestic hot water heat pumps (thermodynamic boiler) : up to € 1,600
  • the lining of collective fireplaces: up to 40% of the invoice
  • the solar water heaters up to 3,500 for 4 m2

Find out more about heating grants (in French)

What am I entitled to?

The amount to which you are entitled depends on your applicant category: A, B or C. Category C gives access to the highest grants.

For both individuals and legal entities, category A applies by default.

To qualify for category B or C grants as a private individual, you must provide the Region with documentary evidence that your income level is below € 71,565.60 if you are a single person or € 86,565.60 if you are cohabiting or in a partnership.

Certain legal entities such as co-owners' associations, social real estate agencies or community services are eligible for category C conditions.

Special Energy Grant Bonus

Following the COVID-19 health crisis, the Region has created an additional bonus that applies to the 2020 and 2021 Energy Grants.

  • More specifically, it concerns people on modest incomes, collective infrastructures and commonholds.
  • But it also applies to categories A and B for the use of natural insulation materials
  • Or if you ask for at least 3 grants for different types of work.

Depending on the case, up to 70% of the invoiced amount can be recovered.

All about the Energy Grant Bonus (in French)

What are the conditions for obtaining these grants?

A private individual, group, co-ownership or even a tenant can claim an energy grant as long as the work relates to a building located in the Brussels-Capital Region. The grant can be requested for major or simple renovations, but also for an extension of the building.

Grants for replacement of gas appliances

Are you replacing an old gas appliance installed before 2000 with a new condensing boiler? Are you renovating a collective chimney to connect an individual condensing gas boiler to each connection point? offers grants for these works ranging from up to € 500 for replacement of your boiler or €300/boiler connected for the renovation of a collective chimney.

More information (in French)

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