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Which auxiliary heating should I use for spring and autumn?

Between the seasons, when the central heating is off, an extra heater can provide a little extra heat at a reasonable cost. Provided, of course, you choose a solution that is appropriate for your needs and your usage.

Here are the options available to you.

Mobile space heaters

Electric space heater: for the bathroom

Relatively cheap, electric space heaters are equipped with a thermostat and sometimes a timer. If not, you can add a timer to the plug socket yourself.
They work using a resistor sometimes combined with a blower, a radiating ceramic surface or an oil container. In the latter case, they are slower to heat but their effect is prolonged.

For the bathroom, it is best to go for a radiant version. If it is fitted with a blower, use it only at the beginning of the heating period to increase the air circulation in the room. Switch it off before entering the bath or shower: the air causes a feeling of cold on the wet skin.

Bioethanol fireplace: for the patio or decoration

These fireplaces, with their clean design and dancing flames are attractive. But they give off little heat, humidify the air and fill it with CO2. Also, the alcohol they consume (bioethanol) is rather expensive.

In short, they are better for the patio or for decoration, not for efficiency!

Bottled gas space heater: for outdoor use

These catalysis machines consume gas at a low temperature, without a flame, and do not require a chimney.

They produce very pleasant radiant heat, which carries for a certain distance. They are therefore effective even outdoors. It is better to use them outdoors as they also give off CO2 and some water vapour.

Petroleum stove: we forget this one

A small oil heater does not require an exhaust chimney. However, it produces CO2 and water vapour which pollutes the air and makes the house damp. What's the solution? Ventilation, which cools the room. Not really what we're looking for!

Fixed space heaters

Pellet space heater: for living rooms

Small pellet stoves are more expensive to buy but also better from the point of view of consumption and decoration, as you can enjoy the sight of the flame. In addition, they don't pollute the air in the house.

Easily programmable, they can be installed almost anywhere, with a discreet flue.

The fuel is safe and easily stored, even in a small space.

Natural gas fireplace with visible flames: to give life to an old fireplace

Equipping an old fireplace with a natural gas appliance with visible flames is a great idea!

The installation and the apparatus are more expensive than a simple mobile auxiliary heater. But you get pleasure, aesthetics and performance.

Wood stove: not as practical or ecological

The good old wood stove pollutes much more than we think. In Paris and some Canadian cities, only high-performance cassettes and inserts are allowed.

At a practical level, in the city, the storage of wood and evacuation of ashes is no easy task. To be avoided, then.

Good to know

  • As the name implies, these supplementary heaters should be used only occasionally, otherwise they lose their benefit from an economic point of view.
  • For mobile heaters: always make sure that they are properly fixed and are not likely to fall. Do not place them near combustible materials: curtains, chairs, wastebasket, flammable vapours, etc.
  • Never use an auxiliary heater as a towel dryer.
  • Do not leave children alone with an auxiliary heater. The controls and heating surfaces are too easily accessible.
  • All electrical appliances must be connected to an earth. Check that the amperage of the circuit breaker on the circuit you are connecting the device to is sufficient for the device.

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