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Is the inspection and maintenance of boilers and water heaters mandatory ?

Yes, in Brussels the periodic EPB inspection of boilers and water heaters is mandatory if they are fired by liquid and gaseous fuels.

How often should the inspections take place?

  • Liquid fuels (fuel oil, other kinds of oil): once a year
  • Gaseous fuels (natural gas, butane, propane): every 2 years

Inspections by recognised professionals only

In order for the inspection to be valid, it must be carried out by a recognised professional.

  • For gas-fired boilers and water heaters: qualified EPB experts or EPB-, GI-, GII- or L-certified boiler technicians.
  • For fuel oil: technicians recognised by the Region to handle liquid fuels.

You can find a list of recognised professionals on the website of Bruxelles Environnement.

The technician will provide you with a periodic EPB inspection certificate that you should keep until the  next certificate is issued.

Tip: book your appointment in the heating season. This is the time of year when professional technicians are more readily available and your heating system can be restarted (if it had been switched off) to measure the combustion process under real conditions.

How much does a periodic EPB inspection cost?

For gas-fired boilers: €110 to 125 incl. VAT

Plus a travel fee, if applicable.

The EPB boiler technician will check and regulate the burner, check the chimney and the draft (although he will not sweep the chimney), the pressure, etc. A full inspection and maintenance takes anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours and a half depending on the condition of the boiler.

For heating oil-fired boilers: €150 to 185 incl. VAT.

The inspection and maintenance includes a chimney sweep and a nozzle replacement. The technician is also required to check and regulate the burner and clean the boiler.

The price may increase if parts need to be replaced. Inspection and maintenance costs are to be paid by the tenant.

What about maintenance?

Inspection and maintenance go hand in hand. Inspection is legally required and consists in checking conformity with the regulations, as well as arranging and guaranteeing maintenance and, if required, the repair of your system to ensure proper functioning and a long life cycle.

That is why inspection and maintenance are generally carried out at the same time. This is commonly called 'mandatory maintenance', but the correct term is actually 'periodic EPB inspection'.

Forgetting to have your boiler inspected = fines and overconsumption

  • Failure to have your boiler inspected may result in a fine. But it is your boiler more than anything else that will land you with extra costs: a decrease in boiler efficiency of 5 to 12% and faster wear and tear.
  • In the event of a fire, your insurer will check if you had your boiler properly inspected. If not, they will reduce their pay-out.

For more information have a look at the Bruxelles Environnement leaflet on periodic EPB boiler inspections (in French).

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