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What should I do if the meter reading is incorrect?

Do you think there is an incorrect meter reading in your annual statement? If so, contact your energy supplier. They will check and make any necessary corrections.

Have incorrect meter readings put right as soon as possible.

Your meter readings are validated by Sibelga and passed on to your energy supplier. You will find them on your annual statement. If you think that one of the readings is not right, contact your energy supplier. They can ask Sibelga to check the meter reading again and correct it if necessary.

Even if an error is in your favour and your energy bill is considerably lower than usual, it is best to let your energy supplier know immediately. That way you will avoid a nasty surprise the next time your meter is read.

  • First call your supplier’s customer services department. Have your EAN code and the invoice reference number to hand.
  • If this does not result in the required adjustment to the meter reading, send a registered letter, fax or e-mail message to your supplier’s complaint’s department. Give the reference number of the invoice and state that in your opinion the amount requested is based on an incorrect meter reading.
  • You can also contact Sibelga directly. Your distribution system operator can consult all meter readings.
  • If this does not produce a result, either, then you can lodge a complaint with the Federal Ombudsman service for Energy (link in French).  

What can lead to an incorrect meter reading?

  • Your meters are read annually. This is done by a Sibelga meter reader. If the meter reader is unable to gain access to your meters, then you have to send the meter readings to Sibelga yourself. The possibility of an error cannot be ruled out in either case.
  • In some cases your meter readings are estimated. This is usually done on the basis of consumption in previous years. If you have just moved house and you use far less energy than the previous occupier, this estimate may, therefore, be far higher than your actual consumption.
  • Very occasionally, a meter may be faulty. In this case, you can ask Sibelga to check your meter. N.B.: if the meter is checked and is working perfectly, then you have to pay the costs of the intervention. Depending on the type of inspection carried out, these costs come to around EUR 400 or EUR 700.

Compensation in two specific cases

In two cases you can submit a request for compensation to your energy supplier:

  • if they do not respond to your complaint within the stipulated timescales;
  • if they confirmed that an error was made with the meter reading, but did not send a corrective bill within the stipulated timescales.

Two Brussels decrees stipulate the precise terms and conditions, timescales and amounts of such compensation. Consult them to find out what your entitlements are:

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