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What conditions have to be fulfilled to obtain green certificates?

To obtain green certificates, you have to own a green electricity generating installation, i.e. an installation that uses a renewable source of energy, or a CHP system. This installation has to be certified by Brugel, the Brussels energy market regulator.

The number of green certificates you are entitled to is calculated based on the meter readings that you send in at Brugel.

Technical and regulatory conditions

To be entitled to green certificates, your installation has to generate electricity while emitting less CO2 than a conventional installation. This can be done in two ways:

  • either by generating green electricity, i.e. by using renewable energy sources: hydraulic, wind, solar, geothermal, biogas or biomass. In practice, in a city like Brussels, the possible sources are the sun (photovoltaic panels, biomass (wood or pellets) or the wind (windmills).
  • or by using the CHP technique, a means of producing heat and electricity at the same time. The motor, which runs on gas, heating oil or biofuel, produces not only electricity but also heat, which is recovered and used to heat rooms and domestic water. This dual function reduces CO2 emissions and ensures a very high level of energy efficiency. There are CHP installations for both private individuals and communities.

Three criteria for your installation

To obtain green certificates, your electricity generating installation has to fulfil a number of conditions:

  1. It must be certified by Brugel, the Brussels energy regulator, before it is ten years old. This procedure is free of charge. You can submit your application using the certification application form. Since 2011, the Brugel certification visit is no longer mandatory for photovoltaic panels of less than 10kWc. An RGIE/AREI conformity certificate (General Regulations on Electricity Installations), issued by the fitter, is sufficient.
  2. It must enable a reduction in CO2 emissions of at least 5 % compared with reference installations.
  3. It must be fitted with a specific electronic meter and a second meter that measures the quantity of green electricity generated.

Obtaining green certificates in practice

As soon as your installation has generated 1MWh, Brugel can allocate you your first green certificates. You will then be allocated these certificates for ten years as of the certification date. The calculation formula in force on this date will be applied for this ten-year period.

To obtain your green certificates, you have to send Brugel your meter reading:

  • four times a year (at the end of March, June, September and December) for photovoltaic installations with a capacity of over 10 kWc and for CHP installations;
  • once a year (between 1 and 30 September) for photovoltaic installations up to 10 kWc.

Brugel allocates you your green certificates on the basis of the electricity you generate. In fact, you do not receive any payment, but the number of green certificates to which you are entitled is recorded in its database. You then have five years to sell them and obtain payment.

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