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What are my rights with respect to my energy supplier?

You wish to leave a supplier you have been with for years for a more advantageous offer elsewhere? You regret having signed up too quickly with a direct seller and you wish to cancel? You have just changed supplier but you wish to change again? Good news - all this is possible! So, do not hesitate to assert your consumer rights.

Yes, you can change energy supplier at any time!

You are under no obligation of duration, your energy will not be cut off and there should be no charge for changing!

The only requirement? Comply with:

  • a two-month notice period (if you have already changed supplier previously)
  • a one-month notice period (if you are still with the supplier by default).
Remember that you are under no obligation to use the same supplier for gas and electricity. You can sign separate contracts for each energy without problem.

Find here all the information on the hows and whys of changing supplier

Yes, you can cancel an energy contract signed too quickly!

You have buckled under the pressure of an insistent salesman and now you are regretting it? You can cancel the contract quickly: choose to do this by ‘phone, during a visit from a salesman or in the supplier’s sales outlet or on its website.What timeframes must be followed?

  • You agreed a contract by phone or online? You have 7 days from receiving the confirmation of the contract (by post or e-mail) to submit your cancellation request (by post or e-mail).
  • You signed a contract with a door-to-door salesman? You have 14 days in which to cancel.

And also...

Since 1 April 2018, energy suppliers are legally required to comply with a reinforced (good) conduct code.

  • When the contract is sold to you (except by ‘phone), they must give you a hard copy of a customised price simulation.
  • When your energy supplier sells you ancillary services (boiler servicing, for example), the contract must clearly advise you what happens if you terminate the contract.
  • Your energy supplier must inform you of the existence of independent comparators (like BruSim  and CREG Scan).
  • Your supplier must send you the bill at the latest 3 days after the billing date to give you the longest payment time possible.
  • From 1 September 2018 and for all contracts of more than one year, if you pay a lump sum down payment the first year, this must drop in the following years.

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