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How and where can I submit an application for an energy grant?

Take the steps set out below to submit a valid grant application.

  1. Go to the website > Private individuals > My grants > Energy grants 2014.
  2. There you can download the general terms and conditions and the special terms and conditions that have to be fulfilled for the grant you have selected. These are attached to the application form. Read these terms and conditions through carefully.
  3. Ask for several quotations and sign the one you prefer. Ask the contractor to sign the technical section of the form. If necessary, ask him to fill in the technical annexes as well.
  4. Have the work done.
  5. Send the completed form with all the annexes requested to Bruxelles Environnement.
  6. Leefmilieu Brussel/Bruxelles Environnement will transfer the payment to your account within 80 days of the receipt of your complete dossier.

Grants and restrictions

Before submitting an application for a grant, and preferably before incurring the expense, you should make sure that the available budget is still sufficient. The Brussels-Capital Region spends a fixed budget on grants every year and this budget cannot be exceeded. There is always a (slight) risk that the budget is exhausted before the end of the year if energy grants prove very successful. Notwithstanding, you are allowed to combine as many grants as you'd like. So consult the website (website in French) regularly


The grants vary

The grants that you will receive are calculated on the basis of your income. To establish the level of your income you have to provide proof of the composition of your family, which is issued by your local authority, as well as a copy of your tax assessment for the year for which your income is requested. Note: if these two items are not provided, the amount of the grant is automatically calculated using the basic category, and you cannot appeal against this.

You can also benefit from a 10 % increase in the amount of the grant if the building concerned is located in an RVOHR/EDRLR zone (an area for increased development of housing and renovation).

Plan properly!

After the date of the final invoice you have 12 months in which to submit your application (the postmark or e-mail date provide valid proof).

If the work is very extensive the application may be submitted before the general building work has been completed, once a certificate of practical completion has been drawn up indicating that the work to which the grant relates has been completed and paid for in full.

Your grant application dossier is processed as follows:

  • Your dossier will be processed within 60 days of receipt.
  • If your dossier is incomplete, you will receive a message from Leefmilieu Brussel/Bruxelles Environnement indicating which elements are missing. You have 60 days to complete the dossier. If no reply is received within this period, then no further action will be taken regarding your grant application.
  • If your dossier is complete and admissible, you will receive a message indicating that your dossier has been approved. The payment will then be made within a week of sending the notice of approval.
  • If your dossier is not admissible, you will receive a refusal.

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