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Which energy grants am I entitled to in Brussels in 2019?

Grants covering up to 50% of the bill have been agreed for three main types of work: audits, insulation, and heat recovery or production.

In 2019, the budget for energy grants in Brussels is slightly lower, falling from 22 million euros to 18 million. However a new grant has appeared and some have been increased.

Main changes:

  • An increase in grants for external wall insulation (B2) and replacing boilers (C1);
  • A new grant for vulnerable households for the compulsory check on gas appliances;
  • The possibility of applying for energy grants for building extensions and for both major and minor renovation work;
  • Simplification of administrative conditions for households;
  • Alignment of income categories with the ones for renovation grants.

Type A grants for energy audits and studies

Performing a domestic energy audit on your home, shared accommodation or commercial building helps you detect your home’s weaknesses and take effective measures.

You can also carry out a feasibility study if you are considering installing ventilation, cogeneration, solar water heating, a wood-fired heating, renewable energy, a heating network, etc.

The grant could be up to:

  • € 400 for domestic accommodation
  • or € 3,000 for a shared residential or commercial building.

Find out more about the energy audits & studies grants (in French)

Type B grants for insulation and ventilation

Insulation grants are between  8 and € 75/m2. That does not include the additional bonus for choosing natural insulation or the energy savings the work will allow you to achieve.

The amount of the grant varies depending on:

  • the type of wall
  • the materials
  • your income category (the lower your income, the higher the grant)

Do you plan to invest in controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) with heat recovery? This investment may entitle you to a grant of between € 1,250 and € 3,500, depending on your income.

Find out more about the insulation & ventilation grants (in French)

Type C grants for heating

In particular, these grants cover:

  • boilers, hot air generators or efficient gas heaters and pipes to the flues: up to € 1,200
  • efficient gas convector heaters: up to € 300
  • regulation devices (thermostatic valves and thermostats or optimisers): up to € 100
  • heat pumps for heating purposes: up to € 4,750
  • heat pumps for domestic hot water (thermodynamic boiler): up to € 1,600
  • pipes for shared flues: up to 40% of the bill
  • solar water-heaters: up to € 3,500 for 4 m2

Find out more about the heating grants (in French)

New! Grant for inspection of gas-fired appliances for vulnerable families

From 1 January, vulnerable families can apply for a new heating grant to help pay for the periodic inspection of their gas-fired domestic appliances. This new grant, the so-called C8 - periodic inspection grant, is allocated to all families who have their gas-fired heating boiler or gas boiler inspected, up to € 100 per periodic inspection certificate. Learn all about the C8 grant (in French)

Gas boiler replacement grants provided by

When replacing an old gas appliance or a gas-fired water heater manufactured before 1985, you are entitled to a grant of up to € 2,500. See if you qualify (website in French)

How to apply for a grant?

You will find full details in a special leaflet on Brussels’ energy grant scheme (in French) or on the Bruxelles Environnement website.

You have 12 months from the issue date of the invoice to submit your grant application. Remember, it is the date appearing on the invoice and not the invoice payment date that counts.

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