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What energy grants am I entitled to in Brussels in 2020?

In 2020, grants will be awarded covering up to 50% of the invoice for audits and energy studies, insulation work, heating or ventilation.

Good news, since the general conditions for receiving a grant and the application formalities have been made easier. So why put off making your home more energy-efficient?

For what work can I apply for an energy grant?

Nothing will change compared with 2019, except the grant for an efficient gas convector will disappear.

Grants A: energy audits and studies

  • Using the results of an energy audit you can identify the weak points of your home, apartment building or professional building and take the necessary measures.
  • Are you considering installing a ventilation or cogeneration system, a solar boiler, a wood-fired heating appliance, renewable energy, a heating network, etc.? Then you can apply for a grant that covers the feasibility study.
  • Vulnerable families can obtain a grant of €100 for the mandatory inspection of gas appliances

The grant can be up to € 400 per dwelling or € 3,000 per apartment building or professional building.

Read more about the grants for audits and energy studies (in French)

Grants B: insulation and ventilation

  • The energy grants for insulation are intended only for buildings earmarked for renovation and cover roof, floor, walls and glazing. The insulation work is reimbursed for an amount of between € 8 and 75/m². In addition, there is a bonus for choosing natural insulation material and the energy savings you will make thanks to this work.
  • Are you considering investing in controlled mechanical ventilation (CMV) with heat recovery? Then you are entitled to a grant that varies from € 1,250 to a maximum of € 3,500, depending on your income.

Read more about the grants for insulation and ventilation (in French)

Grants C: heat

These grants cover more specifically:

Find out more about the heating grants (in French)

Replacement grant for old gas appliances

The new replacement grant for old gas appliances from before 2000 gives you an extra financial boost. For example, you will receive a grant of up to € 500 when you replace your old gas appliance for heating by a condensing boiler.

View all conditions on (in French)

20 to 50% of the invoice amount

The grants cover on average 20% of the invoice. The final amount depends on your income: the lower this is, the more substantial the grant. It can sometimes be as much as 50%.

Conditions for obtaining these grants

A private individual, group, co-ownership or even a tenant can claim an energy grant as long as the work relates to a building located in the Brussels-Capital Region. The grant can be requested for major or simple renovations, but also for an extension of the building.

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